Why Dance Over The Summer?

Summer is almost here and I’m sure you couldn’t be more ready for it! Although everyone deserves a solid break to rest and revamp, taking the entire summer off from dance can significantly impact your growth and progress. Look at your summer as an opportunity to make discoveries about your movement and technique, try new things and become a stronger dancer! Reason 1: If you stop dancing all together, when you start back up in the fall you will have 3 months to catch up on! We all know how if feels coming back after just a week or two off around the holidays. Imagine how it feels after 3 months off! Although families tend to be a bit more active during the summer with swimming, going on walks

Recital 101

Recital time is one of the most exciting seasons of the year! Sometimes, with the excitement comes stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. But, not to worry! Whether you are a first year dance mom or a veteran, here are some helpful hints to successfully get you through the weekend! Costumes: Before recital, lay out your costume (or costumes) to make sure you have all the parts and accessories. Check if anything needs to be steamed or fluffed to get rid of any wrinkles. Ideally, it is best to then hang the costume on a hanger to avoid more wrinkles! Any accessories should be put in a ziplock bag labeled with your name and the name of the dance. Ensure you have the appropriate undergarme

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