How To Choose The Right Dance Studio

Whether it be choosing a dance studio for the first time or switching studios, there are many factors to consider and weigh. To help you make an educated decision, here are some important points to think about! Quality of Teachers When looking at the faculty at a dance studio, you should make sure the teacher has several years of dance experience, training and maybe even a certification of sorts. Just like the teachers who are responsible for educating your child at school and have years of college and knowledge backing them, dance teachers should be held to the same standards. Dance Syllabi In addition to having quality instructors, it also helps if the studio is structured with a clear and

Why The Correct Dance Attire Is Important

Dress codes for dance class are put into place for good reasons! Just like any other sport where the appropriate uniform and protective gear is necessary, dance requires certain clothing, shoes and accessory rules in order for your child to learn to their best capacity. Every studio differs a little when it comes down to specifics, so it is best to check with your teacher before the year starts to determine what will be needed for the year. Here are three reasons why the proper dance attire is important. No Distractions The worst situation in class is being uncomfortable in clothing that doesn’t fit properly, itches, is pulling somewhere that hurts or is simply distracting. Dancers move a lo

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