Holiday Gifts For Dancers

The season of giving is here! Do you have a dancer on your shopping list? Here are a few gift ideas that will fill their heart with joy and cheer! Bath Bombs, Foot Soaks & Lotion: Dancers are always hard on their bodies, stretching, strengthening, conditioning! Why not give the gift of comfort and relaxation? Something that smells wonderful and makes their skin feel extra soft! Studio Swag: Look into whether their the studio your dancer sells any apparel during the holidays. A nice sweatshirt or pair of sweatpants could be a perfect and personalized gift. Accessories to Aid Technique: There are so many cool trinkets and tools available to help enhance a dancer's’ technique. A new set of ther

In The Spotlight: Assistant Miss Aniyah!

Miss Aniyah has been dancing for 6 years. She was inspired to start by watching other people dance. Her favorite style of dance is Jazz because you get to be sassy! In Aniyah’s family, she has her mom, dad (who likes to watch sports), and brother. She also has a pet snake named Ghost who is very nice! Aniyah likes to run and draw when she has some down time and her favorite food to eat is fried chicken!

Preparing Your First Solo

Dancing a solo is quite different than performing in a group on stage for several reasons. The confidence needed to perform by yourself is even greater than performing with a group. The dynamic is different on stage because there is only one person as opposed to multiple people filling the stage with their energy. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about matching the other dancers timing or steps! This is a very enlightening experience for a dancer because it allows them to find a true sense of their own style and feel comfortable in their strengths. Here are a few tips for first time solo performers on how to prepare before competition season! Use studio space when it’s available: Depending on

In The Spotlight: Assistant Miss Victoria!

Miss Victoria has been dancing for 7 years. Her mom put her in dance when she was 3 and liked it ever since! Victoria’s favorite style is Hip Hop because of the attitude you need when you dance. Victoria has a sister who also dances at TDA and a goofy cockapoo dog! When she isn’t dancing, she likes to sew. An interesting fact is that Miss Victoria also practices tae-kwon-do. Lastly, her favorite food to eat is bologna.

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