In The Spotlight: Miss Bree!

Miss Bree has been dancing for 38 years. She was terrible at roller skating growing up, so her mom put her in dance instead! Her favorite style is tap because she loves all the rhythms and intricate sounds and patterns created with your feet. Miss Bree lives with her husband, daughter Molly, her dog Gigi and 2 cats! When Miss Bree isn’t teaching dance, she likes to read, practice yoga, and vacation with her family. Her favorite food is seafood and something you may not have known about Miss Bree is that she also is a full-time special education teacher in Tonawanda!

Healthy + Quick Snacks for Dancers

Dancers are incredibly active individuals who use their bodies every day. It is so very important to fuel your body with the appropriate nutrients in order to stay strong and healthy. The trouble is, we are also so busy! Sometimes it is easier to grab the bag of chips or the candy bar. But, those types of foods will give you no energy and have little to no nutritional value. Below are a few quick and easy snacks that you can grab and go… and still feel great about your choices! Veggies with Hummus - Alright, we know this isn’t the most scrumptious snack. However, vegetables are filled with fiber vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs! Choose a fun flavored hummus for taste. Try to pr

Congratulations to Dancer of The Month, Savanah!

Savanah is in 6th grade at Ben Franklin Elementary School. Her favorite color is green and she loves to eat salad! Some of her favorite things to do include tumbling, welding and playing softball. In her family, she has her Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandma and dog. Her favorite type of dance is acro and when she grows up she wants to be a welder or a contortionist! One last fun fact about Savanah is that she can do her hair with her feet... yes, she is flexible! Congratulations, Savanah! We are so proud of your hard work.

In The Spotlight: Assistant Miss Aleksa!

Miss Aleksa has been dancing for 6 years. She saw some dance and thought it looked cool, so she decided to try it out herself! Her favorite style is acro because of all the fun tricks you get to practice. In her family, she has her mom, step dad, step brother, cat and dog! When she is not dancing she likes to read. Her favorite food is pizza and one fun fact about Miss Aleksa is that she is double jointed!

In The Spotlight: Assistant Miss Whitney!

Miss Whitney has been dancing for 15 years! Her older sister also danced so she was always hanging out at the studio as a little girl. That’s what inspired her to start taking class! Her favorite style is Musical Theater because she loves playing roles and taking on characters. She also loves it because the choreography is usually sharp and strong! Whitney’s mom’s name is Mary and she is a Kindergarten teacher. Her dad’s name is Bruce and he is a defensive driving teacher and stay-at-home dad. Her sister’s name is Lily and she goes to Syracuse for Economics. Lastly, Whitney has 2 dogs and 3 fish! When Miss Whitney isn’t at dance, she loves to be at her job! She loves to work and loves her co

In The Spotlight: Miss Dana!

Miss Dana has been dancing since she was 5 years old. Dana’s grandma was the one that encouraged her Mom to sign Dana up for dance class because she was so shy! As she got older, she was inspired by the other dancers around her, her dance friends and all the fun she had at the dance studio! Contemporary is Miss Dana’s favorite style of dance. She loves how you can tell a story through movement are really explore the way your body can move in unique ways! A second favorite would have to be tap. She has loved tap since she was a little girl and always did tap trios, duets and solos. In Miss Dana’s family, she has her Mom, Dad, and sister Lauren as well as her chihuahua, Kobe. Besides dance, sh

Setting Goals In Dance

It’s a new year and an opportunity for a fresh start! Take the time to think about what you’ve accomplished in dance this past year and what goals you would like to crush in 2018! Here's some pointers on how you can organize and recognize your realistic goals and stay on track to accomplish them. 1. Think Short Term & Long Term: When thinking about your future, separate your more long term goals from your short term goals. Realize which goals may overlap or which smaller goals may help lead you to your bigger goals! Use the outline of questions below to map out your thoughts. My Goal is: My Target Date: To Reach My Goal I Will: 1. 2. 3. Display your goals by date on a bulletin board in your

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