In The Spotlight: Miss Courtney!

Miss Courtney has been dancing for 19 years and was inspired to dance because of her mother! Hip Hop is her favorite style of dance because it lets her express herself the best and also allows for fun music and movement! Miss Courtney has her mom, her dad and her older brother in her family as well as her cat. When Courtney has some down time, she enjoys poetry! A fun fact about Miss Courtney is that she can play the drums and her favorite food is spaghetti. She is very excited for another year at TDA and says “Be Fierce!”

How To Clean Your Dance Shoes

It’s about that time of year when your dance shoes tend to get a bit smelly! You’ve been working hard all year and your shoes are proof. Here are the best ways to clean your dance shoes and keep them smelling fresh all year long! Canvas Shoes: Wash your canvas shoes, such as ballet shoes, in the washing machine on delicate. Let them air dry. Leather Shoes: You can’t put your leather shoes in the washing machine, however you can clean surface dirt and scuff marks with a Magic Eraser. Make sure you air out your shoes after you wear them. Foot Paws: Depending on the material of the Foot Paws, you could hand wash them with warm water and laundry detergent. Let them air dry. Some extra tips and t

In The Spotlight: Assistant Miss Lauren!

Miss Lauren has been dancing for 14 years. When she was littler, her mom signed her up and she really didn’t like it! But, Miss Melanie and Miss Kelsey encouraged her to stick with it and she loved it! Her favorite style is contemporary because there is so much you can do and you can be quirky, mature or emotional. Lauren lives with her mom, dad and brother and they have 3 dogs named Jeter, Jazz and Frosty. When she isn’t at the dance studio, Miss Lauren likes to swim, ride her bike and write. Her favorite food is pizza and pasta! Miss Lauren’s goal is to get into the UB Dance program and major in dance and minor in business!

In The Spotlight: Assistant Miss Calisity!

Miss Calisity has been dancing for 14 years. Her mom took dance when she was little and wanted Calisity to take classes as well! Lyrical is Miss Calisity’s favorite style of dance because she loves the way it flows and the choreography can match the lyrics. Miss Calisity lives with her mom and step-dad as well as her cat named Angel, and three dogs, Pantera, Miracle and Missy. She plays the violin, enjoys being outdoors, camping and hiking! Her favorite food to eat is taco dip and one interesting fact about Miss Calisity is that for almost a year now she has drank nothing but water… impressive!

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