Age Appropriate Movements

What is Age-Appropriate Movement? Why is it so important that Tonawanda Dance Arts offers age-appropriate movement for its students? Because your child’s safety depends on it! Safe movements for young dancers are dependent on their ages and rate of physical growth. For example, growth plates in the skeleton—the growing tissues that help bones become strong—don’t reach full maturity until a child’s teen years. This is one reason why an eight-year-old dancer will still be introduced to age-appropriate movements even if she has been dancing for six years. Tonawanda Dance Arts instructors understand that certain skills may not be safe for her to practice just yet. To develop proper technique and

Intensive Team Costumes - Recital 2019

Tiny/Petite Ballet Tiny/Petite Jazz Tiny/Petite Tap Mini Jazz (Being made. Tattered dresses with the Aztec print over) Mini Tap Mini Acro Mini/Pre-Junior Ballet Pre-Junior Jazz Pre-Junior Tap Pre-Junior Lyrical Junior Jazz Junior Tap Junior Lyrical (in navy blue) Junior Acro (in black) Junior/Teen Ballet Teen Jazz Teen Tap Teen Lyrical Teen Contemporary Teen Hip Hop Senior Ballet Senior Acro Senior Lyrical

Academy Costumes - Recital 2019

Monday Primary Ballet Monday Primary Jazz Monday Primary Tap Tuesday Primary Musical Theatre Friday Primary Cheer Dance Friday Primary Hip Hop Friday Primary Acro Tuesday Intermediate Ballet Tuesday Intermediate Lyrical Tuesday Intermediate Jazz Tuesday Intermediate Tap (in silver) Friday Intermediate Acro Wednesday Advanced Ballet Wednesday Advanced Jazz Wednesday Advanced Tap Wednesday Advanced Lyrical Wednesday Advanced Acro Friday Advanced Hip Hop Opening

Kids-In-Motion Costumes - Recital 2019

Monday Kids-In-Motion Ballet Monday Kids-In-Motion Ballet Boys Monday Kids-In-Motion Jazz Monday Kids-In-Motion Jazz Boys Monday Kids-In-Motion Tap Monday Kids-In-Motion Tap Boys Wednesday Kids-In-Motion Acro Wednesday Kids-In-Motion Ballet Wednesday Kids-In-Motion Jazz Wednesday Kids-In-Motion Tap Friday Kids-In-Motion Acro Friday Kids-In-Motion Hip Hop Friday Kids-In-Motion Musical Theatre Friday Boys Only Hip Hop

Kidance Costumes - Recital 2019

Monday Kidance Ballet Monday Kidance Tap Wednesday Kidance Acro Wednesday Kidance Cheer Wednesday Kidance Hip Hop Thursday Kidance Ballet Thursday Kidance Tap Friday Kidance Acro Saturday Kidance Acro Saturday Kidance Ballet Saturday Kidance Tap

Tiny Tots and Kidlets Costumes - Recital 2019

Tiny Tots Kidlets Ballet - Age 3 Mon 5:20PM Tues 6:40PM Thurs 4:45PM Fri 5:45PM Sat 9:00AM Kidlets Ballet - Age 4 Tues 9:50AM Wed 5:40PM Fri 6:40PM Sat 9:55AM Kidlets Tap Tiny Tots and Kidlets Boys

Miss Ianna In The Spotlight

Name: Ianna Mahiques Age: 10 Favorite Style of Dance: Acro The Dancer Who Inspires You The Most: Miss Tammy Favorite Food: Cake Favorite TV Show: Dr. Who Favorite Musical Artist/Group: Taylor Swift What do you want to be when you grow up? Dancer Favorite Holiday: Christmas Where would you like to vacation one day? Australia Fun Fact: I am flexible

Miss Raina In The Spotlight

Name: Raina Deitrick Age: 11 Favorite Style of Dance: Tap The Dancer Who Inspires You The Most: Gaby Diaz Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite TV Show: So You Think You Can Dance Favorite Musical Artist/Group: Meghan Trainor What do you want to be when you grow up? A dancer Favorite Holiday: Christmas Where would you like to vacation one day? Washington DC Fun Fact: I like to draw

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