Skills Charts & Class Recommendations

This is an exciting time of year – we’re in the middle of recital planning, choreography, and preparing for our summer classes and fall schedule! With that being said, the TDA staff has done an incredible job preparing thoughtful evaluations and recommendations for each student next year. TDA has put so much time and energy into our curriculum and evaluation because we know what a difference it makes! We are dedicated to helping all of our students be successful, reach their goals and ensure that they get the most out of their dance journey. Every instructor fills out a Skills Chart for each student they have. The Skills Charts are located in Studio Director. Login into your account and clic

Practicing at Home: Dos and Don’ts

Many of our students absolutely love practicing dance at home. You’ll find them twirling in the living room and tapping in the kitchen—they just can’t contain their enthusiasm! It’s not uncommon for a parent to tell us that their child feels compelled to choreograph with their friends after school or teach their stuffed animals how to piqué and passé. If your child is one these non-stop movers, you might have started wondering, “What can I do to encourage this practice in a safe way? How can I foster this passion?” At Tonawanda Dance Arts, we get it! And we’ve got some great advice for you here with our Dos and Don’ts for practicing at home: First and foremost, Do designate a specific sp

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