Back Handspring + Aerial Clinic

Offered to children 7+ years and older.  These clinics will center around perfecting the specific skills needed for aerials and back handsprings. Each clinic is 1 hour, back to back.

Class Options

Saturdays from 5:00-7:00pm

November 16 (**time change - 3:15-5:15PM)

January 2

February 20

April 15


Basic Members: $22 per clinic

Premium Members: $20 per clinic

Open Tumble

Offered to children 7+ years and older.  An acrobatics session where students can focus on the skills they need to perfect! 

Class Options 

Saturdays from 3:15-4:30pm

October 12

November 22 (**date + time change - Friday from 8:00-8:45PM)

January 25

February 22

March 21 (**date + time change - 4-4:45pm)

April 18


Basic Members: $17 per clinic

Premium Members: $15 per clinic