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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - The Importance of Parents and Teachers Working Together

When considering the best dance studio for your child, most likely the first question you would ask yourself is “Are they good?”, in the technical/ability sense. Obviously, this is an important factor. But in reality, the more important factor is the environment and relationship between the teachers, parents and students. This is what will really shape your child into the well-rounded team player that is successful out in the real world, no matter which career path they may choose. It’s not the trophies and first place overall awards that get you to the top. It’s the continuous growth, lessons learned, confidence building highs and overcoming the lows that help mold dancers into good people.

As teachers, we want what is best for your children as much as you do. If you think about it, part of our job is to help raise your children. Yes, we teach them the dance steps, how to become more flexible and how to slick your hair back into the tightest bun ever! But, we also teach them how to deal with losing, how to work as a team, how to be dedicated and not give up and how to be a role model to younger dancers. It is important to be a part of a studio that values more that just being a strong technical dancer.

One of the best examples parents can set when it comes to “teamwork” is creating a positive and healthy relationship within the studio environment. An encouraging, uplifting and realistic approach will give your child the support they need in a healthy way. Be their number one fan and motivate them to try their best. Show your child how to be supportive of other students and friendly to those around them. Let them make their own mistakes, learn from them and always keep in mind the big picture.

At the same time, trust that the studio and their teachers also have your child’s best interest in mind. They too are trying to instill these important values into each and every one of their dancers. Working together and knowing that we are all on the same team can only strengthen the studio in general; one team of dancers, who work with a team of teachers, who work with a team of parents, who circle back and work with those very same dancers. Be a part of the bigger picture and be an individual working towards the common goal for the good of all of our children.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." --Henry Ford

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