In The Spotlight: Miss Crystal!

Miss Crystal has been dancing for a total of 17 years! When she was 4, her mom put her in soccer and she did not like it… next was dance and she loved it ever since! Her first dance teacher, Miss Bree, was amazing and inspired her to keep dancing! Jazz is Miss Crystal’s favorite dance style. She loves the high energy, turns and leaps!

Her family includes her Mother and Brother. They have two lovely dogs named Yolie and Oreo. Some of her favorite things to do are biking, swimming, baking/decorating cakes, and shopping! Crystal’s favorite food is cheese!

One fun fact about Miss Crystal is that she can do a side aerial, a cartwheel with no hands! Also, Crystal is currently in her last year of college. She can't wait to graduate and achieve her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing!

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