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Preparing Your First Solo

Dancing a solo is quite different than performing in a group on stage for several reasons. The confidence needed to perform by yourself is even greater than performing with a group. The dynamic is different on stage because there is only one person as opposed to multiple people filling the stage with their energy. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about matching the other dancers timing or steps! This is a very enlightening experience for a dancer because it allows them to find a true sense of their own style and feel comfortable in their strengths.

Here are a few tips for first time solo performers on how to prepare before competition season!

  1. Use studio space when it’s available: Depending on your studio and when your regular dance classes are scheduled, you may want to try to come into the studio early or stay late to run your solo on your own. The more practice, the better!

  2. Avoid “marking”: When it comes to running your solo during a scheduled session or in your own time, avoid “marking” the dance. You always want to try to execute the dance to your full ability so every time you do it, you become stronger and the dance gets cleaner and more dynamic.

  3. Run through your dance in your head before bed: It is proven that imagery and visualization aid in enhancing your movement quality and memorization. It’s like muscle memory! If you imagine yourself dancing in your head and really pay attention to the details, that will help you perform to your greatest potential when it comes to the real thing.

  4. Get teachers and friends feedback: Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from teachers and friends. The more eyes you have to watch, the more feedback you will receive. Even if you don’t feel that your dance is 100% ready to show, push yourself to do it! Consider it a work in progress and let your support system be a part of your journey.

Preparing a solo can be hard work, but if you have the right tools, a determined mind and focused intentions, you will find success!

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