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Setting Goals In Dance

It’s a new year and an opportunity for a fresh start! Take the time to think about what you’ve accomplished in dance this past year and what goals you would like to crush in 2018! Here's some pointers on how you can organize and recognize your realistic goals and stay on track to accomplish them.

1. Think Short Term & Long Term: When thinking about your future, separate your more long term goals from your short term goals. Realize which goals may overlap or which smaller goals may help lead you to your bigger goals! Use the outline of questions below to map out your thoughts.

My Goal is:

My Target Date:

To Reach My Goal I Will:




Display your goals by date on a bulletin board in your room, in your agenda, on the refrigerator… somewhere you will see them everyday!

2. Deadlines Are Your Friend: It helps to assign dates to your goals to help hold yourself accountable in accomplishing them. Keep the dates practical and remember that they can be changeable, however don’t depend on that! Using a timeline will help keep you on your journey to success.

3. Keep A Journal: As you are on this journey, use a journal to keep track of your best days and your worst days, your struggles and strengths, and how you have grown each day. Looking back on your records will allow you to reflect on your actions and make adjustments for your future.

4. Change Is Okay: Nothing is ever set in stone. As dancers (and perfectionists) we tend to zone in and hyperfocus on one thing. You have to remember that life is unpredictable, you are constantly growing and changing, and both these factors should be expected. What is most important is that you do your best everyday and enjoy the journey!

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