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How Dance Creates Leaders

The skills and lessons you learn in dance go far beyond the steps. Students carry what they learn throughout their life and this often sets them apart from other contenders in the work world.

Dance Provides Discipline and Structure

Dance has a sense of structure like no other extracurricular activity. Students learn to respect this discipline from day one. You follow a warm up, do steps across the floor and learn a combination center. You are required to follow a dress code, practice correct technique and respect your teachers. In the professional world or as an adult, you are expected to follow a daily schedule, show up on time, respect your boss and elders and be dedicated to your job or duties. These are all qualities of a leader.

Practice Makes Perfect

You don’t always get things on the first try in dance. In fact it is very rare. Students learn that with practice comes progression and accomplishment. Most students develop quite a determination and drive to achieve that goal. Never giving up is such an important lesson that will help the students move forward in their future careers and dreams! Leaders are dedicated to their role and won’t settle.

You Learn Several Things Simultaneously

As a dancer, you quickly learn to do more than one thing at a time. You have to follow the teacher, listen to their comments, think about your technique, follow the music, emote, and the list goes on! Dancers are known to be great time managers and prioritizers. These are invaluable qualities that will benefit others around you and also help to reach your own personal goals! Leaders make things happen.

Learning To Accept Rejection and Criticism

With every up, there is a down. To be a performer, you have to be vulnerable and willing to accept feedback and criticism. No matter the comment, there is always a constructive way to look at it! Take it with a grain of salt and let it become motivation. Motivation to grow, learn and become a better you! Learning to deal with rejection is a skill that cannot be taught. It is learned through experience. Leaders don’t take steps back, they find an alternate route.

“Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” -- John Maxwell

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