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The Boppin' Collection® by Boppin' Babies Dance is a program developed and trademarked by Tonawanda Dance Arts. The mission of the program is to provide an exceptional class that is focused on delivering dance, music and movement in a fun, creative and nurturing way to young children.  

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A program specifically designed for 1-year-olds that allows the littlest dancers to explore movement and rhythm through interactive songs and sensory experiences. This program encourages bonding between caregivers and babies and fosters physical and cognitive development.

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A program specifically designed for 2-year-olds that allows young toddlers to unleash their energy and natural curiosity. This program is a playful journey that combines creative movement and rhythmic exercises that will help develop coordination, balance, and social skills, all while promoting self-expression.


A program specifically designed for 3-year-olds that allows preschool aged-children to explore and discover through variety of dance styles, age-appropriate choreography, and fun activities. This program encourages children develop their gross motor skills, enhance their musicality, and gain confidence and independence.

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