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Offered to children currently 2 years old, or those that will be 2 years old by December 1.  Children learn simple dance steps and light tumbling.  They will learn how to participate in a group, take direction from a teacher, and take turns.  One parent is allowed to observe in the classroom.  Children are encouraged to participate in class, but are not forced to do so.  For the child that is apprehensive about participating, we encourage the parents to participate with them until they become more comfortable.   As each child develops differently, patience on the part of the parents, as well as the child is stressed.  Our goal is to prepare the children to be more independent when they reach preschool age.  Those children that have completed our Boppin Tots program have proven to be less hesitant and well prepared for our Boppin Kids program the following year.  Boppin Tots perform a dance in our recital.   This class meets for 30 minutes each week.  

As a Tech-Enabled™ studio, all of our classes are live-streamed so that students can participate in-person at the studio or virtually.  This gives parents the opportunity and convenience to live-stream their child's dance class and watch it from anywhere!


Class Options:

Monday 5:25-5:55pm

Tuesday 9:35-10:05am

Tuesday 4:40-5:10pm

Tuesday 5:35-6:05pm

Wednesday 5:00-5:30pm

Thursday 5:30-6:00pm

Saturday 9:00-9:30am

Saturday 9:35-10:05am

Saturday 10:10-10:40am

Tuition: Tuition is broken up into 10 equal installments per year. 

$49 per installment

Recital Costume

$89 + tax ($96.79).  See more information here.

Performance Package: 

Starts at $119 for one student.  See more information here.


Girls: Pink leotard, pink tights and no tie leather ballet shoes (color: pink).  

Boys: Black T-shirt, black dance pants/athletic shorts and leather ballet shoes (color: black).

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