A program offered to children 1-2 years old. These classes meet for 30 minutes.  Children learn simple dance steps and do light tumbling.  They will learn how to participate in a group, take direction from a teacher, and take turns.  One parent is allowed to observe in the classroom. 


A program offered to children 5-6 years and older.  These classes will meet for 30 minutes.  Ballet focuses on artistry, discipline, and technique.  Children will work on learning basic barre and center work.


A program offered to children 7 and older.  Continue your training during the summer months and sign-up for one of our drop-in classes to work on strength, flexibility, technique, conditioning, choreography, and movement.


A program offered to children 3-4 years old.  These classes meets for 30 minutes.  Children will learn basic tumbling and acrobatics skills, such as somersaults and animal crawls, also work on stretching.


A program offered to children 5-6 years old.  These classes will meet for 30 minutes. Acrobatics focuses on tumbling, cartwheels, bridges, and walkovers.  Children will work on flexibility, strength, balance, agility, and coordination.  

A program offered to children 7 and older.  These students are looking to improve on an individual and personal level and lesson time can be used to improve technique, artistry, strength, and conditioning.