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Dancer of the Month

Congratulations to all of our outstanding students who have been working so hard both in and outside of class! They all show respect, dedication, and a love for dance. We're so proud of them! It's time to recognize these awesome kids!

Paxton Gawrys

Paxton is 6 years old and loves the color teal! His favorite food is ravioli and he loves Pokemon, Dance and Basketball. Paxton's favorite book is Pokemon Black and White and his favorite style of dance is Hip Hop. When he grows up, he wants to be a singer on 'The Masked Singer'. You're awesome, Paxton!

Emily Pilat

Emily is 5 years old, and enjoys grilled cheese as her favorite food! She loves to play outside, ice skate and learn about the earth! She enjoys playing sports and reading, especially her favorite books, Biscuit and Pete the Cat. Emily's favorite dance class is acro, and she loves doing cartwheels! When she grows up she wants to own a Target Store! Emily's favorite color is pink, and at home she has one little brother and two little sisters! Too cool, Emily!

Savannah Herman

Savannah is 1 years old and she loves music and coloring! Her favorite food is eggs and she enjoys reading all books. Savannah loves her Boppin Babies class, and we cannot wait to watch her to continue to grow!! Way to go, Savannah!

Mirella Trabucco

Mirella is 2 years old and she loves dancing, playing with her brother, cooking and watching Bluey! Her favorite food is meatballs and her favorite book is a custom-made book called 'Mirella Loves Daddy'. Mirella loves spinning and jumping in dance class, and enjoys the color pink the most! Mirella has her ears pierced and when she grows up she wants to be a princess! You rock, Mirella!

Emilee Shaffer

Emilee is 8 years old and she loves to eat pizza! Her favorite color is pink and some of her favorite things include camping, dancing, bowling and riding her bike! Emilee loves reading 'The Owl Diaries' and when she grows up she wants to work at Starbucks! Emilee enjoys Tap as her favorite dance genre, and one of her favorite things is making people smile. Very cool, Emilee!

Emma Carlson

Emma is 8 years old! She loves BBQ Chicken Wings and her favorite book is "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane". Some of Emma's favorite things include being a good friend, fashion, dance, traveling, cheerleading, science, music and Roblox. Hip Hop is Emma's favorite style of dance and when she grows up she wants to be an actress on Broadway, a dance teacher, and a singer! Emma's favorite animals are pandas and she loves her family and friends. Way to go, Emma!

Hazel Canfield

Hazel is 4 years old and her favorite food is waffles! She loves the color gold and she enjoys going swimming, playing with barbies, and taking vacations. Hazel's favorite book is 'Cuddle Bear’s Book of Hugs' and when she grows up she wants to be a professional dancer. Hazel loves playing outside and going in bounce houses! You're amazing, Hazel!

Valentina Campanella

Valentina is 12 years old and her favorite style of dance is lyrical! Her favorite color is black and she loves to eat snow crab. Valentina loves to dance, go to school, and vacation with her family in California! She enjoys reading 'Time to Fly' and when she grows up would love to be a a dance teacher or school teacher. Super, Valentina!

Autumn Gardner

Autumn is 17 years old, loves the color blue and enjoys chicken fingers as her favorite food! Her interests include hiking and kayaking in the summer when the weather is nice. Autumn's favorite style of dance is contemporary. Autumn is graduating from high school this year and will be a Dance Major at SUNY Brockport in the fall. In the future, she hopes to be traveling the world, working as an X-ray tech and would love to continue dancing! Dream big, Autumn!

Paizley Fire Dransfield

Paizley is 8 years old and loves the colors pastel blue and pastel yellow! Her interests include dance, soccer, swimming and basketball. Paizley's favorite food is Watermelon, and she enjoys reading National Geographic Kids Books. Her favorite style of dance is lyrical, and she has big goals to be in International Flight Attendant when she is older! Paizley was born in Florida, but is a tried-and-true Buffalo Bills Fan! Super, Paizley!!


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