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Skills Charts & Class Recommendations

This is an exciting time of year – we’re in the middle of performance planning, choreography, and preparing for our summer classes and fall schedule! With that being said, the TDA staff has done an incredible job preparing thoughtful evaluations and recommendations for each student next year.

TDA has put so much time and energy into our curriculum and evaluation because we know what a difference it makes! We are dedicated to helping all of our students be successful, reach their goals and ensure that they get the most out of their dance journey.

Every instructor fills out a Skills Chart for each student they have. The Skills Charts are located in Studio Director. Login into your account and click on “View Report Card”. You will find the curriculum your child’s class is working on at that particular level. If they have mastered the skill, you will see the date the teacher marked it off! If the skill is left blank, the class may have not yet stared working on the skill or the student may still be working on executing it! This is a great way to see the progress your child has made this year!

Class Recommendations are passed out in March. We encourage you to keep your recommendations personal and discuss with your child privately rather than in front of other students and friends. We all know kids may have a tendency to “compare notes” with their friends and in turn, could have a big emotional reaction. Kids feel things in a deep way and want them to be able to get those feelings out at home.

Please remember that many students spend at least two years in every program level. This is absolutely OK! Every dancer’s journey is completely unique – your dancer may progress at a different rate as their friends or classmates. Success is not defined by ‘winning’ all the time. And what is most important to us is situating your child in a position where they are challenged, but not overwhelmed, and set up to succeed.

Our hope is that these evaluations can be practice for kids to handle disappointments with poise and exciting news with humbleness. Think about what a great learning opportunity this can be for your child - learning to deal with these real-life situations in a safe environment. In reality, class placement seems like a big deal right now, but in a dancer’s total career, placement for one year does not make an impact! This can equip kids with the confidence and mindfulness they need to have a difficult conversation which will be an asset to them throughout their life!

If you or your dancer has a question about their recommendation, ask your teacher! A conversation with your instructor can give your dancer with the knowledge they need to meet the requirements of the next level. If your student needs some clarification on their comments or evaluations, we’re happy to help!

TDA is so thankful for you and your dancer – and we hope that we can work together to make this evaluation process a positive and helpful one for your dancer!

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