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Why Take Private Lessons?

Private lessons can do wonders for your dancing. And half hour to an hour at a time of one-on-one attention can push your technique and artistry forward at a quick pace. Here are three reasons why you should consider taking up some private lessons!

  1. Customization - Every private lesson is catered to the specific needs of the dancer. It is an opportunity to really dig deep into strengthening the dancer’s weaknesses, working through technique and relating back to the basics of dance. Each class is designed to fit the dancer with their best interest in mind. It is also a great opportunity to set short-term and long-term goals to help the dancer think about what they want to accomplish with a “deadline” in mind.

  2. Faster Progress - A lot can be accomplished in a half hour of one-on-one attention. The student focuses more and the teacher can give more feedback and hands-on corrections really helping the student to understand how to utilize proper technique. Beyond the private lessons, the information gained during the sessions can then be applied to weekly class, again furthering the dancer’s practice. Private lessons really are the most effective way to “catch up” or take the next step towards bettering your dance education.

  3. Strengthen the Teacher-Student Relationship - The student and teacher will spend a lot of time together during private lessons which will only strengthen the bond between them. The teacher can better understand how the student works, recognize the best way to get information through to them and know how to properly present criticism and praise that they will be receptive to. The student will naturally be more trusting in the teacher and realize their teacher only wants what is best for them!

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