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Dancer of the Month: December 2023

Congratulations to our students who have been working so hard both within and outside of their TDA Classroom! Each of our Dancers of the Month have been specially chosen by their teacher to be featured for displaying respect, dedication, and a love for dance.

It's time to recognize these awesome kids who we are so proud of!!

Chloe Armstrong

Chloe is 4 years old and she loves the color purple and like a true Buffalo Girl, her favorite food is Chicken Wings! Chloe enjoys reading "Say Please little Monster" and she loves watching Descendents! She loves tumbling and doing hand stands in her dance class! When Chloe grows up, she hopes to be a nurse so she can help people get better. Super cool, Chloe!

Kenley Brown

Kenley is 10 years old and she loves acro, swimming, crafts and jumping on the trampoline! Her favorite color is purple, and favorite food is tacos! Kenley enjoys reading 'Dork Diaries' and watching 'The Christmas Chronicles'. She loves being a part of TDA and favorite dance class is Hip Hop, especially when they get to play partner freeze dance! You're amazing, Kenley!

Raya Scott

Raya is 1 year old! Some of her favorite things include the color purple, pizza and playing with her baby dolls! Raya loves reading Disney Princess Books and watching Blippi! Her favorite part of ballet class is the egg shakers, and outside of class she's a big fan of dancing around her house with her sisters! Too cute, Raya!!

Violet Worth

Violet is 5 and she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up! Her favorite colors are purple and pink and her favorite food is Mac and Cheese! Violet enjoys reading books, especially 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' and her favorite movie is 'The Little Mermaid'! She loves doing releve' in her ballet class and always wants to make people laugh! Wow, how cool Voilet!!

Addyson Gefert

Addyson is 8 years old and she loves the color purple. Her favorite food is french fries and favorite hobbies include Dance and Cheerleading! Addyson loves doing running cartwheels in her acro class and aspires to be a cheerleading coach when she grows up! In her free time, she enjoys reading 'The Babysitter Club' book series and her current favorite movie is 'Elf'. One thing Addyson wants us to know about her is that she can do the 'Clover Tongue' You're outstanding, Addyson!!

Charlotte Isaacs

Charlotte is 7 years old and her favorite foods are chicken nuggets and mac and cheese! She loves the color pink and enjoys bowling in her free time. Charlotte's favorite book is 'Unicorn at the Zoo' and she loves watching the Trolls movie! Her favorite part of her Hip Hop class is doing bounce walks! Charlotte has been dancing at Tonawanda Dance Arts for 6 years, loves all her teachers over the years and she wants to be a dance teacher when she grows up! So excited to watch you continue to thrive Charlotte!

Riley Hammond

Riley is 6 years old and she really loves coloring and playing with her younger brother Mason! Riley's favorite color is teal and she loves pizza. Her favorite movie is Home Alone and when she grows up she wants to be a teacher! Riley's favorite type of dance is Acro, especially when they're able to do handstands! You rock, Riley!

Audriana Graf

Audriana is 11 years old and loves the color lavender! Her favorite styles of dance are acro and jazz, she really enjoys doing improvisation and hopes to be a dance teacher when she grows up! Audriana loves reading 'The Babysitters Club' book series and watching "Dance Moms" on TV! Her favorite food is bagels with lots of butter and she loves drawing, dance and Disney! Way to go, Audriana!

Norah DeValentino

Norah is 4 years old and her favorite food is chicken alfredo with broccoli! She loves coloring and playing! Madison really enjoys her ballet class, especially when she's able to do an obstacle course. Madison's favorite books are Frozen books, and she loves watching 'Bluey' on TV! Norah has two older sisters at home, and when she grows up she wants to be a baker! Hurray, Norah!!

Remedy Helwig

Remedy is 7 years old, her favorite color is pink and she loves to eat shrimp! Some of her favorite things include Unicorns! When Remedy grows up she wants to be a Teacher. Her favorite style of dance is hip hop, and she enjoys free time the most! Remedy's favorite books are "Pete the Kitty and the Unicorn’s Missing Colors" and her favorite show is Wild Kratts. You're a rockstar, Remedy!

Emma Zwelling

Emma is 12 years old and loves the color light blue! Some of her favorite things include dancing, and playing saxophone and clarinet! Her favorite food is chicken salad. Emma enjoys her Jazz class and doing barre in ballet class! When she grows up she aspires to be a professional dancer or dance teacher! Emma loves going camping, and gets to go almost every weekend in the summer! She loves watching Dance Moms and is an avid reader, currently reading "11 Paper Hearts". You are a superstar, Emma!

Round of applause and a standing ovation for all of our Dancers of the Month! We're so proud of your achievement, and love seeing you work hard and be amazing both within and outside of TDA's doors!


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