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Dancer of the Month: January 2024

Congratulations to our students who have been working so hard both within and outside of their TDA Classroom! Each of our Dancers of the Month have been specially chosen by their teacher to be featured for displaying respect, dedication, and a love for dance.

It's time to recognize these awesome kids who we are so proud of!!

Brooklyn Anderson

Brooklyn is a vibrant 4-year-old and absolutely loves the color, purple. Whether it's twirling in her ballet class or indulging in a plate of spaghetti, Brooklyn finds joy in dance, sports, reading, and playing with friends and family. Her favorite dance move? Twirling! When she's not dancing, Brooklyn enjoys watching "Feel the Beat" on Netflix and spending time reading her favorite 'Pete the Cat' books. Super cool, Brooklyn!

Madison Finnegan

Meet 5-year-old Madison, a lover of all things blue and a connoisseur of chicken nuggets. Madison, whose heart belongs to acro, expresses her creativity through cartwheels and playing in the snow. Her favorite part of dance is going to class and having a blast with her friends. Madison's eyes light up at the mention of "Ryan World," and she can often be found reading her favorite book, "Biscuit Adventure." So much fun, Madison!

Kaitlyn Hale

Kaitlyn is 15 and her favorite colors are purple and green! Kaitlyn's favorite styles of dance are contemporary/lyrical dance. Her dream is to become a radiology technician while continuing her passion for dance. Kaitlyn's favorite pastime includes watching "The Notebook" and "The Vampire Diaries" and learning intricate dance combos. She enjoys a plate of Chicken Alfredo, and has jumped on the Collen Hoover train with her favorite novel being 'It Ends With Us'! You have amazing dreams, Kaitlyn!

Ava Kress

Ava, soon to turn 3 in April, is a bundle of energy with a love for the color red and taste buds for mac and cheese. This tiny dancer's heart beats to the rhythm of "The Hokey Pokey" and "The Goldfish Song"! She loves spending time with her dance class friends and playing with sand. Ava is a big Bluey fan and can also be caught reading a toddler classic 'The Pout Pout Fish'! When she grows up she wants to be just like her Mommy! So sweet, Ava!

Cecilia Dibble

Cecilia is 5 years old and enjoys the simplicity of pizza and the elegance of ballet, cheer dance and the color gold. Her dream is to become a kindergarten teacher when she grows up. Cecilia's favorite part of dance class? Spinning! Bluey is her go-to TV show, and she can often be found immersed in the world of princess books. Wow, Cecilia!

Kiera Castro

Kiera is a 9-year-old with a love for teal, mac and cheese the Buffalo Bills! Jazz dance is her forte, and she dreams of becoming both an elementary teacher and a dance teacher when she grows up. When not dancing, Kiera loves spending time with her friends, little brother, and family, and crossing the floor in dance class. Her favorite book is 'The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes' and when she's got the remote can be caught watching 'Super Mario Bros'! You're outstanding, Kiera!

Gianna Connor-Garcia

At 6 years old, Gianna is a purple enthusiast who adores strawberries and the thrill of doing flips! Hip hop is her dance of choice, and she aspires to be a teacher helping kids dance when she gets older. Gianna's favorite movie is "Beauty and the Beast," and her love for reading "Trolls" keeps her entertained when she's not dancing. How cool, Gianna!

Amelia Oliveri

Five-year-old Amelia is a purple lover who enjoys the goodness of broccoli. When she's not dancing, Amelia loves going to her cabin, playing with makeup, and indulging in her favorite book, "Amelia Bedelia!" Her dream is to become a police officer, and she finds joy in art and spending time with her family. Amelia loves doing her makeup and playing hopscotch! In her spare time she can be found watching a fan favorite, Pinkalicious! We love that, Amelia!

Evelyn Muscarella

Eight-year-old Evelyn, adorned in pink, has a soft spot for mac and cheese. Dance and playtime with friends fill her days, and she dreams of becoming an actor when she is older. She enjoys reacing the 'Owl Diary' series, watching Bedtime Stories on TV and practicing for recitals!

Raina Deitrick

Raina is 16 years old and a triple threat—embracing dance, art, and music. Her heart sways to the lyrical and contemporary beats and she has a love for pizza and the color teal. Raina's dream of becoming a marine biologist reflects her passion for the environment and the natural world. When not in dance class, she immerses herself in the captivating world of "The Hunger Games," finding inspiration in the trilogy. Raina's dancing journey involves perfecting intricate combos, adding a layer of complexity to her already impressive repertoire.

Brielle Girdlestone

Brielle is 5 years old and a bundle of energy, loving Jumping on the trampoline, playing with friends, baking, and just having fun!! Her favorite color is pink, and she enjoys eating delicious cooked apples! Her favorite dance style is ballet, and she dreams of becoming a cosmetologist when she's older, showcasing her flair for beauty and creativity. The world of "Fancy Nancy" serves as her literary haven, and the animated charm of "Monsters Inc" adds an extra sprinkle of magic to her downtime. Brielle's dance routine always begins with her favorite part, warm-up, setting the stage for a delightful performance.

Not Pictured:

Evelyn Hepburn

Miles Horowitz

These young dancers, with their unique preferences and dreams, showcase the diversity and joy that dance brings to their lives. Each one, a dancing star in the making, adds a touch of magic to the world of rhythm and movement. Round of applause and a standing ovation for each and every student! We're so proud of your achievement, and love seeing you work hard and be amazing both within and outside of TDA's doors!


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