Stretching For Your (Mental) Health

Dancers are known for their sometimes circus-like contortions, whether it’s pulling a leg to their forehead or bending their back in a 110° arabesque. Along with technique class and strengthening exercises, stretching is likely one of the largest parts of a dancer’s daily regimen. But what about “stretching” something other than your hamstrings? Can mental and emotional flexibility be a benefit to dancers’ overall health? Just like asking your muscles to accept a new position—and pushing through the necessary discomfort—when stretching, asking your brain to adapt to new and dynamic situations can increase mental flexibility. Pushing through the discomfort of change or uncertainty can resul

March 2020 | Newsletter

"Let Your Hopes Shape Your Future" Miss Mel's Message: Your children are working so hard on their recital routines... their dedication is truly impressive! We love watching the process and journey of creating a dance and then being able to see the final product at recital! Be proud of your dancer, we sure are! A quick reminder... If your child is sick, please keep them home! We are taking steps to continue to combat not only winter sickness but also the coronavirus, as it seems to be getting more serious. We are wiping down all hard surfaces with hospital grade wipes daily and cleaning the floors and bathrooms daily prior to classes starting. Staff will not be reporting if they are sick, so

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