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March 2020 | Newsletter

"Let Your Hopes Shape Your Future"


Miss Mel's Message:

Your children are working so hard on their recital routines... their dedication is truly impressive! We love watching the process and journey of creating a dance and then being able to see the final product at recital! Be proud of your dancer, we sure are!

A quick reminder... If your child is sick, please keep them home! We are taking steps to continue to combat not only winter sickness but also the coronavirus, as it seems to be getting more serious.

We are wiping down all hard surfaces with hospital grade wipes daily and cleaning the floors and bathrooms daily prior to classes starting. Staff will not be reporting if they are sick, so there may be classroom subs if necessary.

Make sure you check out our recital website to find all the information you will need to know in the upcoming months! As you may have heard, we will be having 5 shows this year! We're very excited for this opportunity! You can check which show your child is in at the front desk or the recital website.

Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up for text messaging (Text @tdaf to 716 – 989 – 4894). Stay updated on potential closings and announcements.

-Miss Melanie


Upcoming Dates

  • March 7th from 5 - 8PM: Frozen Friends Adventure

  • March 14th: Recital T-Shirt + Recital Bear Orders Due

  • March 21st from 3 - 3:45PM: Opening Rehearsal

  • March 21st from 4 - 4:45PM: Open Tumble

  • April 1st: Performance Fee Due (Second Installment)

  • April 11-17th: Closed for Spring Break

  • May 11-16th: Picture Week

  • May 28 + 29th: Rehearsal

  • May 30 + 31st: Recital​


Recital Website 2020

Check out this GREAT tool to find all the information you need to know about Recital! The website includes...

  • Costume Information

  • Picture Week Information

  • Ticket Information

  • Recital Package Information

  • Rehearsal Information and Schedule

  • Recital Information and Show Line-up


My Special Someone

Calling all Fathers + Daughters, Mothers + Sons! Join us for TDA's "My Special Someone" dance in the recital.

Rehearsals are Mandatory: May 9th + 16th starting at 3PM (a more detailed schedule will be announced at a later date).

$80 Premium Members | $90 Basic Members

*Includes one parent and one dancer, lessons + two t-shirts

*$20 for an additional dancer + t-shirt

*Fee is due upon enrollment

Ages 3+ (Kidlets classes and up). Sign up in Studio Director or at the front desk TODAY!


Rollover Membership

This season, for your convenience, and to reserve space for the following season, annual membership fees will be automatically renewed and applied to your account on May 1, 2020, unless a withdrawal form is completed online before that date (more info to come...). Your membership fee will automatically be renewed at the level of membership you are currently at.

Class registration for our 2020-2021 dance season will begin online on Monday, May 4 at 10 am. At this time you will choose your classes and be entered into our Rollover Race! The earlier you choose your classes, the more entries you will receive for the “Race”! Upgrade to Premium Membership at any time for only $25 and receive triple the entries in the “Race” as well.


TDA's Latest Blog Article

When it comes to resilience, the dictionary defines it in two ways: 1) the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity. 2) the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy. Read more...


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