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Dancer of the Month: February 2024

Congratulations to our students who have been working so hard both within and outside of their TDA Classroom! Each of our Dancers of the Month have been specially chosen by their teacher to be featured for displaying respect, dedication, and a love for dance.

It's time to recognize these awesome kids who we are so proud of!!

Maya Selover

Maya, a vibrant dancer who adores the color pink, finds joy in cheeseburgers and the dance floor. Her favorite dance is Jazz, and she's passionate about teaching dance. When not dancing, she enjoys watching "Coraline" and mastering new dance tricks.

Alayah Hinton

Alayah, with her love for the color pink and pizza, is a multi-talented artist and dancer. She finds inspiration in "Peppa Pig Halloween" and enjoys all styles of dance, especially acrobatics. Alongside dancing, she cherishes moments with her family and capturing memories through photography.

Mayeli Cabanas

Mayeli, with a preference for purple and a fondness for pizza, is a sports enthusiast with a love for ballet and acrobatics. She adores animals, particularly cats and puppies. Outside of her active lifestyle, she enjoys painting and biking in the park.

Adelynn Eberle

Adelynn, who will soon turn five, has a colorful taste for blue and pink and enjoys milk and cereal. She's an adventurous spirit who loves tumbling and dreams of becoming a vet. Adelynn also enjoys watching "Spy Ninjas" and performing kart wheels.

Kayla Rogers

Kayla, a lover of purple and spaghetti, has a passion for ballet and tap dancing. Her dream is to become a vet, and she finds joy in practicing her recital songs while enjoying the show "Bluey."

Eleanor Smith

Eleanor, at three years old, has a sophisticated palate for steak and a diverse set of interests, including dance, stuffed animals, and library visits. She's drawn to acrobatics and dreams of driving an excavator or becoming an ice skater. Her favorite movie is "Frozen."

Leelah Smith

Leelah, at ten years old, has a unique taste for seafoam green and steak, and she excels in both dance and softball. Inspired by "Nevermoor," she shines in acrobatics and aspires to be a famous dancer. Leelah's favorite movie is "Lilo and Stitch," and she enjoys improvising during lyrical dance.

Quinn Simpson

Quinn, with a love for steak and the color blue, is a versatile enthusiast of dance, hockey, and Disney World. She finds inspiration in "Piggie and Elephant" and excels in acrobatics. Quinn dreams of becoming a doctor or teacher and loves the movie "Mulan."

Julianna Schlatterer

Julianna, with her favorite colors hot pink and teal, enjoys eggs and finds joy in dance and art. She's captivated by "5 minute Barbie stories" and thrives in jazz dance. Julianna dreams of becoming a dance teacher and makeup artist, finding happiness at TDA.

Brielle Anderson

Brielle, a lover of pink and Olive Garden Alfredo, is a dynamic individual who excels in dance, soccer, and board games. She's drawn to "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and shines in acrobatics. Brielle aspires to become a baby doctor and enjoys dancing freely at the end of class to "The Lorax."

Not Pictured:

Samantha Dang

Emilee Shaffer

These young dancers, with their unique preferences and dreams, showcase the diversity and joy that dance brings to their lives. Each one, a dancing star in the making, adds a touch of magic to the world of rhythm and movement. Round of applause and a standing ovation for each and every student! We're so proud of your achievement, and love seeing you work hard and be amazing both within and outside of TDA's doors!


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