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Creating a Harmonious Dance Studio Experience: A Guide to Lobby Etiquette

At our dance studio, we are committed to providing a positive and enriching environment for both dancers and their families. With a goal of creating a space that fosters focus, preparation, and support for our young dancers, we're hopeful guests can understand their role in keeping our lobby a wonderful space!

The Dance Studio Lobby as a Shared Space:

  • Our lobby is a shared space for dancers, parents, and guests alike. We do our best to provide a good flow between classes, but it can become difficult. Let's work together to make it a welcoming and organized area for everyone by keeping things off the ground, and walkways free and clear. Please remind your dancers to keep their belongings in the cubbies and hang their coats on the hooks. If you are missing something, please ask our front desk to check the lost and found.

Designated Areas for Dancers

  • It's important to understand that dancers need space to prepare for their classes. We encourage parents to help recognize that the lobby also serves as a space for dancers to comfortably change into their dance attire and put on their dance shoes.

Guest Policy

  • When bringing guests to the studio, please embrace a mindful approach. While we love the support from family and friends, being conscious of the number of guests we bring to avoid overcrowding and distractions during class preparations is extremely important.

Supervision of Children

  • We understand that siblings of dancers and other children may accompany parents to the studio. Please ensure that they are supervised closely to prevent disruptions and maintain a safe environment for all. Consider bringing a quiet activity to keep children not dancing busy and packing a pair of headphones for when electronics are being utilized.

Leave It Better Than You Found It

  • We encourage everyone to leave the lobby and shared spaces better than they found them. Simple acts like picking up after ourselves and keeping the area tidy contribute to a positive atmosphere within the studio.

Use the Restrooms Appropriately

  • We welcome parents and guests to use our restrooms and ask them to use it appropriately. We encourage a quick and efficient use of facilities, especially during peak times, to ensure that everyone has access when needed.

Parking Lot Safety

  • To keep our space safe, extend your commitment beyond our studio doors. Be sure you adhere to parking lot safety guidelines, such as observing speed limits, using designated drop-off and pick-up zones, and being cautious of pedestrians.

Noise Level & Classroom Interruptions

  • Be mindful of noise levels in shared areas, understanding that excessive noise can disrupt the focus of dancers. Encourage conversations to take place in designated areas to minimize classroom interruptions. Additionally, please do not open up the studio doors when classes are in session.

Utilize Technology

  • Parents or caregivers who wish to wait in their cars, or go home during class times are more than welcome to do so! Our in-studio cameras offer parents the ability to click into the classroom to watch their dancers thrive in class! If you do not have the virtual classroom link, ask us and we can send it to you!

Positive Communication

  • We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in fostering a positive lobby environment. Regularly check communication channels for updates on lobby etiquette to ensure everyone is informed and on the same page. Make sure that you are signed up to receive our text messages and emails!

By collectively embracing appropriate lobby etiquette, we can transform our studio's lobby into a space that supports the passion and dedication of our young dancers and is a comfortable place for parents and caregivers to be. Your cooperation is instrumental in making our dance community even more vibrant and enjoyable for everyone involved. Thank you for being an essential part of our dance family!


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