TDA is YPAD Certified!

Youth Protection Advocates In Dance® was originally founded in Los Angeles in 2012 by motivated and committed of doctors, therapist, specialists, and educators for youth in athletic and artistic activities. Youth Protection Advocates In Dance® was born as a response and solution to various negative trends that commodify and exploit youth and adults in performing arts.

YPAD Certification is the foremost, research based, educational course for dance professionals and the dance industry as a whole. The intention of YPAD is to provide dance professionals with the necessary tools and resources to help protect and develop healthy, happy dancers. Through the use of online courses, YPAD Certification educates dance studios and communities worldwide on the core elements in constructing an environment focused on the well-being of kids and a sustainable, safe future for dance.

In January 2019, YPAD joined the More Thank Just Great Dancing® family! Founders, Leslie Scott Zanovitch and Joseph Zanovitch continue to sit on the Advisory Panel to share their knowledge and guidance.

All Tonawanda Dance Arts staff members have completed the training course and are educated in a variety of topics such as social media/media safety, today’s dance culture, developmentally appropriate artistry, body image/nutrition/disordered eating, and bullying/conflict resolution. Every staff member is now YPAD certified, all for health and safety of our students!

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