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In The Spotlight: Miss Kelsey!

Miss Kelsey has been dancing for a long time… since she was 3 years old! Her mom was a dancer so she didn’t have much of a choice but to dance! Luckily, she ended up loving it.

Miss Kelsey always loved tap growing up, but she started taking ballet at a local ballet school and it totally changed her opinion about it! She really began to like it a lot more. Teaching ballet is her favorite, but she never passes up the opportunity to put her tap shoes back on!

Miss Melanie is Kelsey’s mom (in case some didn't know)! She has twin sisters Marissa and Ashlyn. You can find Miss Ashlyn working in the office sometimes! Lastly, she just got a fur-baby, Sir Winston the French Bulldog!

In her spare time, Miss Kelsey likes to read, bake and go boating in the summer! She also likes to take spin classes. Her favorite foods are her family’s homemade Swedish Cinnamon Bread and Red Doritos. And one fun fact about Miss Kelsey is she loves Disney :)

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