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In The Spotlight: Miss Miranda!

Miss Miranda has been dancing for 24 years and was inspired by The Lawrence Welk Show! She used to put her pink jelly shoes on and try and imitate Arthur Duncan's tap dancing on my living room flagstone. A lot of video footage has accumulated from those days :) Her specialty has always been tap, but she enjoys the power of Jazz and the storytelling of Lyrical.

Her family lives in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Her Mom and Dad were highschool sweethearts! Her Dad's Mother owned her own dance studio by the time she was 15 and ended up teaching Miss Miranda’s Mom’s dance classes! She also has an older sister who is married with two kids. Her sister was always her biggest fan and supporter growing up. She never missed a recital… and there were a lot!

Other than dance, Miranda loves to read, enjoys working out and spending time with family. She also recently got married and loves spending time with her husband! Her favorite food is French Fries. She could eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner!

On fun fact about Miss Miranda is that she was named Pennsylvania's Outstanding Young Woman for 2008. After lots of hard work and dedication, she got to speak and tap dance across the state of Pennsylvania that year! A not so serious fun fact is that she broke her left elbow playing kick ball in 5th grade gym class and ever since her arm has been VERY hyper-extended!

Lastly, a word from Miss Miranda… “I enjoy coming back every new season with a fresh slate; a year open to new possibilities, new challenges, new achievements. I enjoy pushing my dancers to a point they didn't think was possible because my own dance teacher/mentor did that to me and I will always be thankful for that! Tonawanda Dance Arts provides JUST the atmosphere to allow dancers of all levels and ages achieve what they want in an inspiring environment.”

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