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Why Dance Over The Summer?

Summer is almost here and I’m sure you couldn’t be more ready for it! Although everyone deserves a solid break to rest and revamp, taking the entire summer off from dance can significantly impact your growth and progress. Look at your summer as an opportunity to make discoveries about your movement and technique, try new things and become a stronger dancer!

Reason 1: If you stop dancing all together, when you start back up in the fall you will have 3 months to catch up on!

We all know how if feels coming back after just a week or two off around the holidays. Imagine how it feels after 3 months off! Although families tend to be a bit more active during the summer with swimming, going on walks and summer sports, these activities do not work the same muscle groups or stimulate the brain the same way that dance does. Even if it is one class a week or a few summer dance camps, continuing to attend class in some capacity will keep you on top of your game and set you apart from others not enrolled in summer dance.

Reason 2: It allows you to focus on what you personally need to work on.

Summer classes and intensives focus solely on technique, artistry. You do not focus on learning a routine or cleaning up a group dance. This is beneficial because you can concentrate on personal goals and things you would like to improve on before fall. Many studios offer private lessons during the summer, which are ideal for dancers truly looking to grow.

And of course, for the little ones… class is all about having fun! The potential pressure of learning a recital dance is gone and children are encouraged to explore movement and make new friends!

Reason 3: It gives you the chance to try something new you have never done before.

Summer gives you options and choices. You can choose what types of classes you want to take and when! It gives you the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, try a genre you never have before or a teacher you have never taken class from. Being a well rounded dancer can set you apart from the rest and learning new techniques and approaches can only enhance your training.

Reason 4: Maintain your technique, strength and flexibility. Think about cross-training activities or classes such as yoga, pilates or swimming!

Consistency and repetition are key when it comes to dance. That’s why we always start with barre, always warm up, and always practice routines a million times over! It is important to keep up with your technique and maintain your facility to continue to grow as a performer. Enrolling in summer dance classes will definitely do that! In addition to your classes, consider taking up a weekly pilates or yoga class. Both workouts are very much about core work, finding length and flexibility in poses and movement which pair with dance perfectly!

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