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Why The Correct Dance Attire Is Important

Dress codes for dance class are put into place for good reasons! Just like any other sport where the appropriate uniform and protective gear is necessary, dance requires certain clothing, shoes and accessory rules in order for your child to learn to their best capacity. Every studio differs a little when it comes down to specifics, so it is best to check with your teacher before the year starts to determine what will be needed for the year. Here are three reasons why the proper dance attire is important.

No Distractions

The worst situation in class is being uncomfortable in clothing that doesn’t fit properly, itches, is pulling somewhere that hurts or is simply distracting. Dancers move a lot! Which is why most of what we wear is generally tight with no fancy fringe or sequins... well, at least in class that is ;) A simple, properly fitted leotard is usually best with whichever bottoms are appropriate for the class (for example, a skirt for ballet, dance pants for jazz, etc.). It is best to remove all jewelry and is necessary to pull all of your dancer’s hair back so it is out of their face.

Teachers Easily See Body Alignment

Correct alignment is something every dancer is striving for and is the key to being able to progress and succeed in dance. This is not an easy task to complete and it takes time to determine where your sweet spot is so you can balance, turn, and use your full body with every movement. Dance teachers play a big part in helping their dancers figure this out. The proper dancewear makes it easy for teachers to see alignment that is off and then correct it. Baggy clothing just covers up the incorrect shifts in a dancer.

Look The Part, Play The Part

In order to be a dancer, it helps to feel like a dancer! Dressing the part always makes you feel more confident and ready to do your best. It will help your dancer embrace their inner Misty Copeland and only help their training progression.

As you can see, it’s more than just a dance outfit. Studios have their reasons for dress codes and it is best for you and your child to follow them!

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