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Staying Warm In Dance Class When It's Really Cold Outside!

If you live in a climate with intense winters such as Buffalo, NY, you're going to want to layer up for dance class! But, what can you wear that is still appropriate as per the dress code?

Keeping your body warm is key in preventing injury. Your muscles contract when you are cold to keep your body temperature up. You can't just jump in and start doing grande jetés in this state. The muscles need to be stretched slowly and warmed up before beginning to dance.

Layering dance apparel in the cold weather will help!

Layer 1: Start with your leotard and tights as you normally would.

Layer 2: Wear a long-sleeve dance sweater or fitted sweatshirt. If you do not have a dance sweater, any form-fitting top or sweater that allows you to use your full range of motion will do.

Layer 3: Wear a pair of leggings or leg warmers. Again, something that is fitted.

Layer 4: Maybe add an extra pair of socks beneath your footwear if it is acceptable. You can always keep the socks on for warm up and then remove them before you start to move and dance around the room.

Reminder to always take the time to warm up before class! Shed the layers as you get warm, but bundle up again before going back into the bitter cold.

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