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3 Signs You've Chosen The Right Studio

How do you know you have chosen the right dance studio for your child? It may be challenging to decide where to enroll your child, but here are few signs that you may have found the right fit:

  1. Knowledgeable Instructors. The knowledge instructors gain during their years training as a dancer, combined with their ongoing education, allows them to create a robust curriculum for their students. An instructor’s goal is to provide their students with the best training possible in a positive and uplifting environment. Focusing on proper technique ensures that students do not develop poor habits that will have to be “un-learned” later on and also ensures that they avoid injury. Finding instructors with qualifications that support your child’s dance goals will lead to an overall positive experience.

  2. Nurturing Mentors. Instructors can have a huge impact on their dancers. In addition to dance steps, instructors also teach their students life lessons through the arts by building strong and healthy relationships with them. Instructors establish close bonds with their students through trust and understanding and embracing each unique individual and creating a path for them to succeed. This in turn helps your child develop the confidence they need for the future.

  3. Positive Environment. A sense of happiness, joy and positivity should radiate throughout a dance studio. Dance can be disciplined, but students should walk out of the classroom feeling accomplished and with a sense of gratitude. Your child (and you) should feel excited to come to the studio and be a part of the fun, safe, and positive dance community that has been created.

Once you have found the right studio, be ready to embark on an exciting dance journey! Regardless of what type of training your child is looking for, finding a dance studio that embraces your child and their individual needs and who are committed to passing on their love of dance to your child is the most important!


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