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A Flashback: Our 2021-2022 Culture Students

For the first time ever, throughout our 2021-2022 Dance Season, we decided to highlight the many displays of 'More Than Just Great Dancing' within our students! At Tonawanda Dance Arts, we truly believe that, while we may be present in your child's life to teach choreography, musicality, etc. in relation to the arts, we are also here to be a partner in parenting and to guide your children to be kind, caring, friendly, and to embody the TDA Culture. A

s we get ready to start our 2022-2023 Dance Season, let's take a few minutes to highlight our MTJGD Culture Students, and recognize their achievements throughout the year.

Millie Schultz

Meet Millie! Millie is 12 years old and was TDA's very first 'More Than Just Great Dancing' (MTJGD) Culture Student! Her favorite color is lavender and her favorite book is 'Report Card'. Millie enjoys dancing, baking, cooking, listening to music and being a Leader in Training at TDA! In her family, Millie has her Mom, Dad, two brothers (Leo and Cosimo) and her sister (Flo). Millie's full name is Amelia and when she grows up, she would like to be a Pediatric Occupational Therapist! You're amazing, Millie!

Dezi Miranda

Meet Dezi! Dezi is 7 years old, their favorite color is pink and they enjoy playing roblox and Jaden Animation! Dezi's favorite book is 'The Book with No Pictures' and they love spending time with their three cats! In Dezi's family is Mom, Dad and Brothers. Dezi's favorite food is candy and when they grow up, they would like to be a YouTuber! You Rock, Dezi!

Brooklyn Bronson

Meet Brooklyn! Brooklyn is 6 years old, her favorite color is red and she loves dancing, roller skating, and being with family and friends. A true tumbler, Brooklyn's favorite style of dance is acro! She lives with her Mommy, Daddy, Sister Gabby and dog Charley and she wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. Brooklyn's favorite book to read is 'The Book With No Pictures', and she loves eating steak. You're fantastic Brooklyn!

Gianna Noetzel

Meet Gianna! Gianna is 11 years old, her color is teal, and she loves mac and cheese. She enjoys dance, drawing and baking and she would like to be a dance teacher and dance competition judge when she is older. Gianna's favorite book is 'Seventh Grade Life in Tights' by Brooks Benjamin and she dreams of visiting Paris one day! In Gianna's family is My mom, dad, my sister Cassidy and 2 cats Austin and Ally. Gianna's favorite styles of dance are Lyrical and Acro. You're outstanding, Gianna!

Ryan Ensminger

Meet Ryan! Ryan loves the color yellow and her favorite foods are chicken and mac and cheese! She enjoys dance, skiing, cheer, field hockey, softball and reading her favorite book, 'Kittens First Full Moon'! Ryan is 17, and one of our Leaders in Training. When she grows up up she wants to be an Elementary School Teacher! In Ryan's family, she has her Mom, Dad, Brother, Dog (Milo), and Fish (Brazil). Her favorite genres of dance are jazz and acro and she is a HUGE Toronto Blue Jay's fan! We are so proud of you, Ryan!

Leelah Smith

Meet Leelah! Leelah is 8 years old and her favorite colors are red, green and blue. She enjoys school, dance and gymnastics and hopes to have her own YouTube channel when she gets older! Leelah's favorite book is 'Dork Diaries' and she has two pocket hippos! In Leelah's family is Mom, Sissy, Grandma, Papa, Auntie and Jake. Leelah's favorite food is a hot dog and her favorite style of dance is acro! You're awesome, Leelah!

Emily Hanna

Meet Emily! Emily is 14 years old, and loves the color grey! Some of her favorite things are dancing and hanging out with friends! Her favorite style of dance is Lyrical! Emily enjoys eating sushi, and when she grows up she would like to be a dance competition judge, a dance teacher or a professional dancer! Emily's family includes her Mom, Dad and her! Super job, Emily!

Hannah Walker

Meet Hannah! Hannah is 14 years old, her favorite color is pink and she enjoys reading and watching TV when she's not dancing her heart out at TDA! Hannah's favorite book is 'One of Us is Lying', and her favorite genre of dance is Jazz! In her family, Hannah has her Mom, Dad, a brother (Lucas) and a dog (Charlie). Hannah's favorite food is a Burrito Bowl, and when she grows up she hopes to be a Physical Therapist! You Rock, Hannah!


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