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Creating Leaders, One Shuffle at a Time

When parents think about their children’s future, it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘What If’, the ‘Can You Imagine’ or the “Someday I hope…’ of it all. Even with all of this, the truth is, most parents just want their kids to be healthy, happy, kind and successful in life! We want our children to be leaders amongst their peers, to choose a path of good, and to live a life better than we did.

While many of these can seem out of our direct control, research shows that getting your kid involved can help to foster this positivity! Participation in Dance allows for children, teens and young adults to develop into truly wonderful leaders with more positive social development compared to their peers who are not involved.

Wondering how participation in Dance can boost your leadership skills? We’ve got research on our side, and can show you the positive side to the hours of carpooling, long nights of class and practice, the lingering dance shoe stench, and the countless sacrifices made by parents and family members to keep their dancers in the spotlight!

Participation in Dance leads to Leadership through…

  1. Greater academic achievement

  2. Outstanding time management and planning skills

  3. Increased self esteem

  4. Expanded community involvement

  5. Accepting of constructive criticism

  6. Developed organizational skills

  7. Higher intrinsic motivation

  8. Broader development of social skills

  9. Enhanced sense of commitment

  10. Become a voice in decision making processes

Dancers are awarded countless opportunities within the Dance World, and sometimes even more within their individual Dance Studios. Tonawanda Dance Arts offers a variety of programs to help in raising great kids and great leaders including our ‘Leaders In Training’ Program, or our ‘LEAD Program’. We work to ensure that the dancers who we are asked to teach learn more than just choreography, musicality and flexibility. While in our classrooms, dancers have the unique opportunity to learn lifelong skills that will make them a leader and set them up for a life of success!

If setting your child up for a life of success and leadership is a goal of yours, it may be a great idea to look into extra-curricular activities, such as dance due to the countless, research-backed benefits that the art can offer. The best part about it is...when you're ready, Tonawanda Dance Arts is here to support you as a partner in parenting!


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