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Organize Your Bag: Dance Teacher Recommendations

Let's face it...throughout the year dance bags get filled with old tights, protein bar wrappers, bandages, and more. The smell of dirty dance feet and the exhaustion after class makes it difficult to keep organized. Often times we forget to clear out the clutter...until you see it the following week right before class.

So what really belongs in your dance bag?! Our teachers have compiled a list of their necessities and favorite items for you to keep close by.

1. Dance Shoes

You'll need a pair of shoes for (almost) every class! Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Ballroom, Sneakers, Foot Thongs and more can all make their way into your dance bag, depending on the classes you take, the hours you dedicate and more!

Miss Mel's Tip: Always keep ALL of your shoes in your dance bag, just in case your teacher throws you for a loop and wants to rehearse other dances!

2. Deodorant

Dance is a tough sport, that will certainly get you sweaty! Don't be fooled by the artistic movements and the way a ballerina seems to flow with ease - they're working hard and with hard work can come STINK! Keep your classmates' noses happy by freshening up before or between classes, and even after to ensure the carpool home is odor free!

3. Shoe Freshener

While on the topic of stinky, let's talk about that funky dance bag smell! Your sweaty shoes being zipped up in your bag for the many hours of the day means you can almost guarantee that there will be an odor once that zipper opens up! Miss Mel suggests always keeping shoe freshener in your bags. Trust us, your parents, teachers and classmates will thank you!

4. An Extra Pair of Tights

Tights are one of the most finicky articles of clothing, and you never know when you're going to get a run, snag or hole right in the knee! Miss Sam says it's best to avoid bare legs and stay prepared with an extra pair right in your dance bag!

5. Hair Accessories

We've got two teachers who LOVE to keep their hair tied back, and always have extra supplies! Miss Miranda and Miss Lauren suggest Hairspray, extra hair ties and extra bobby pins always in your dance bag! As dancers or dance parents, we know both how distracting hair in your face can be during leaps, turns and tricks as well as how quickly bobby pins come and go, so grab them from some extras to always have on hand!

6. Chapstick

Buffalo offers cold winters, so it's time to be prepared for chapped lips! Miss Tammy's suggestion of one thing to ALWAYS keep in your dance bag is...chapstick! Throw in one kind, or ten but be sure you're always prepared to freshen up between class.

7. Healthy Snacks

Dancers are always moving and grooving! It's important to replenish our energy and fuel our body with healthy foods that will sustain us through long rehearsals. Miss Dana suggests Granola Bars and Trail Mix for your dance bag! They're the perfect 'dance bag snack' because they last a while and don't need to be refrigerated. Just make sure you keep them in a side pocket so they don't get smooshed!

8. First Aid Kit

Blisters, and sores can pop up 'out of nowhere' after hours in the classroom and make for a painful night. Keep bandages and/or a first aid kit in your dance bag to ensure that you are prepared for any illness, injury or scenario that comes your way!

9. Dance/Ballet Sweater

Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold but with a sweater it can be just right! Dance sweaters can be work during warm up and throughout class, and are the perfect addition to your dance wardrobe! They are tight fitting so teachers can still see your technique, and they keep you warm during those cold Buffalo winter months!

10. Notebook & Pen

"Practice your dances!" is a phrase we've ALL heard at least once from our teachers! Miss Sharon suggests bringing a notebook and pen to class so you can write down routines, formations and more. This will ensure that when you go home to practice that you know exactly what you're doing and come back prepared for next weeks class!

It's easy for our dance bag to get cluttered, and to become filled to the brim with old tights, warm up garments and more! Every person is different, so your list of essentials may not be exactly what your classmates are, and that is more than OK.

Take our teacher tips, keep your bag tidy and full of your favorite things (and of course your dance shoes) and you will thrive in the classroom!


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