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TDA's Newest Featured Dancers

Congratulations to these amazing students who have been working so hard both in and outside of class! Featured as Dancers of the Month, or TDA's More Than Just Great Dancing Culture Student, they all show respect, dedication, and a love for dance.

It's time to recognize these awesome kids!


MTJGD Culture Student:

Hannah Walker

Meet Hannah! Hannah is 14 years old and TDA's second 'More Than Just Great Dancing' (MTJGD) Culture Student! Her favorite color is pink and she enjoys reading and watching TV when she's not dancing her heart out at TDA! Hannah's favorite book is 'One of Us is Lying', and her favorite genre of dance is Jazz! In her family, Hannah has her Mom, Dad, a brother (Lucas) and a dog (Charlie). Hannah's favorite food is a Burrito Bowl, and when she grows up she hopes to be a Physical Therapist! You Rock, Hannah!


Dancers of the Month:

Alexander Chadwick

Meet Alexander! He is four, loves hot dogs, yogurt, Spider Man, and Curious George! Alexander has a Mom, Dad, and a sister (Olivia). His favorite color is blue and when he grows up he wants to be a Super Hero! How cool, Alexander!

Gianna Noetzel

Meet Gianna (Gigi)! Gigi loves the color teal and her favorite food is mac and cheese! She enjoys baking and reading her favorite book, 'Competition' by Maddie Ziegler! Gigi is eleven and when she grows up she wants to be a Dance Teacher and Cake Decorator! In Gigi's family, she has her Mom, Dad a sister and two cats. Her favorite genres of dance are Lyrical and Acro! We are so proud of you, Gigi! (And would love to sample some baked goods!)

Kylee Dodge

Meet Kylee! Kylee's favorite food is mac and cheese and she loves the color blue! Her favorite type of dance is jazz and she wants to be an Art Teacher when she grows up! Kylee loves drawing, cheerleading and reading! Her current favorite book is 'Dog Man', and she's a true 716 girl, with a Birthday on July 16! Kylee's family includes her Mom, Dad, brother (Hunter) and her dog Blu! Keep reaching for the stars, Kylee!

April Abbott

Meet April! April is 7, her favorite style of dance is acro and she is amazing at math! April's favorite color is gold and her favorite food is mac and cheese! She is learning to play piano and wants to be a dancer or singer when she gets older. April's favorite book is 'There is a Bird on your Head' by Mo Willems! In her family is April, Mom and Dad! Way to go, April!!

Andrew Caffrey

Meet Andrew! Andrew is 5 years old, and his favorite color is Blue! He loves applesauce, ballet and anything fun and silly! He also loves playing with Dinosaurs, cars and reading! His favorite books are 'Pete the Cat' ones. Andrew's family is made up of his Mom, Dad and his twin sister, Brenna! You're outstanding, Andrew!

Emily Roneker

Meet Emily! Emily is 12 years old, and her favorite book is 'The Inheritance Games'! Her favorite color is dark green and she loves to eat mac and cheese! Emily enjoys dance, baking, reading and fashion! Her favorite genre of dance is Contemporary. In her family, she has her Mom, Dad, a brother (Carson) and a dog (Fletcher). When Emily grows up she wants to be an interior designer! You're on your way, Emily!

Norah Pulver

Meet Norah! Norah is 7 years old, and loves blueberries and dance! Her favorite color is black and her favorite book is 'Itty Bitty Princess Kitty'. Norah's family includes her Mom, dad, sister (Carleigh), dogs (Kona & Belle), cat (Ed), and turtles (Turbo & Franklin). Her favorite style of dance is Jazz, and when she grows up she wants to be a dancer! You're outstanding, Norah!

Brianna Opiela

Meet Brianna! Brianna is three, her favorite color is teal, and favorite food is Oatmeal! Some of Brianna's favorite things are her stuffed animals, Princesses and books, especially her favorite 'The Cat In The Hat'. Brianna's family is made up of her Mom, Dad and her twin sister Antonia! When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher! Keep on dreaming, Brianna!

Antionia Opiela

Meet Antonia! Antonia is three years old and a huge fan of chicken nuggets! Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite style of dance is Ballet! When Antonia grows up she wants to be just like her Daddy! Antonia's favorite book is 'Dragons Love Tacos', and some of the things she likes the most are dancing, swimming and 'The Lion King'! Antonia's family is made up of her Mom, Dad and twin sister, Brianna. You're awesome, Antonia!

Lily Woodhouse

Meet Lily! Lily is seven years old, and loves the color green! Some of her favorite things are painting, doing crafts, going to baseball and of course dance class! Her favorite style to groove to is Jazz! Lily enjoys reading Ivy and Bean books, and loves raspberries! Lily has a Mom, Dad and brother (Dylan) in her family! When she grows up, she wants to be a Mommy and a Teacher! Super job, Lily!

Mia Palistrant

Meet Mia! Mia is nine and her favorite color is sea foam green! She loves basketball, roblox, camping, tiktok and dance (her favorite genre being acro)! Mia's family includes her Mom, Dad and Brother and one of her favorite things is hanging out with friends! She loves Cherrys, and her favorite book is 'Sidekicks'. Keep it up, Mia!


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