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In The Spotlight: Miss Melanie!

Miss Melanie is the owner and director at Tonawanda Dance Arts. She has been dancing for over 50 years and has loved every second of it! Her mom took her to her first dance class. What inspired her to keep dancing was the friends that she enjoyed seeing each week! After so many years it just became a part of her life and she knew it was something she wanted to continue.

Tap is Miss Melanie’s favorite style of dance. She just loves to tap her feet! She thinks it’s so fun making sounds and rhythms. Plus, you can tap anywhere!

Miss Melanie is married to her husband, Kevin, and has three daughters, Kelsey, Ashlyn and Marissa. When Miss Mel has down time, she likes to read and cross-stitch! She is currently cross-stitching a Christmas tree skirt!

Shrimp scampi is Miss Melanie’s favorite food. Fun fact: She also doesn't like salad or vegetables! She said she just never acquired a taste for them like everyone told her when she was younger!

Lastly, Miss Mel loves what she does! She has met some amazing kids that have grown into outstanding adults and also some great friends from many areas of the country through the dance industry.

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