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In The Spotlight: Miss Dana!

Miss Dana has been dancing since she was 5 years old. Dana’s grandma was the one that encouraged her Mom to sign Dana up for dance class because she was so shy! As she got older, she was inspired by the other dancers around her, her dance friends and all the fun she had at the dance studio!

Contemporary is Miss Dana’s favorite style of dance. She loves how you can tell a story through movement are really explore the way your body can move in unique ways! A second favorite would have to be tap. She has loved tap since she was a little girl and always did tap trios, duets and solos.

In Miss Dana’s family, she has her Mom, Dad, and sister Lauren as well as her chihuahua, Kobe. Besides dance, she likes to enjoy time outdoors, workout (at Pure Barre where she also is a barre fitness instructor!) and watch some of her favorite TV series.

Miss Dana’s all time favorite food is peanut butter anything and everything! One fun fact about her is that she was born on Mother’s Day and is obsessed with Christmas!

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