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Holiday Gifts For Dancers

The season of giving is here! Do you have a dancer on your shopping list? Here are a few gift ideas that will fill their heart with joy and cheer!

  1. Bath Bombs, Foot Soaks & Lotion: Dancers are always hard on their bodies, stretching, strengthening, conditioning! Why not give the gift of comfort and relaxation? Something that smells wonderful and makes their skin feel extra soft!

  2. Studio Swag: Look into whether their the studio your dancer sells any apparel during the holidays. A nice sweatshirt or pair of sweatpants could be a perfect and personalized gift.

  3. Accessories to Aid Technique: There are so many cool trinkets and tools available to help enhance a dancer's’ technique. A new set of therabands, a turning board, a tap mat or warm up booties! They will be excited to try out their gift when they return to the studio after winter break.

  4. Dance Bag: A dancer’s life is supported by their bag… their dance bag! Anything and everything is held in the dance bag and it may be a great surprise to receive a new one. You could even personalize it and put their name or studio name on the bag.

  5. A Book About Dance: A book about dance is a great way to give the gift of knowledge to your dancer! Maybe a biography on their favorite dancer, a book about the history of tap, jazz, or ballet, or a fun coffee table book of beautiful dance photography!

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