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Reasons to Start Your Child in Dance at a Young Age

The truth is, it is never too early to start your child in dance! No matter the age, there are always benefits. As you probably know, in just one year children grow and develop immensely in many areas. Age 2 is largely different from age 3 which is also significantly different from age 4. Dance class gives your child an outlet to use and practice the more conventional skills they are learning every day. In addition, it gives them the chance to interact with other their age, exercise, and increase their confidence, coordination and more!

  • Social Elements: A dance studio is a comfortable, safe setting where children can learn how to follow direction and interact with others. Following the teacher’s instructions, such as standing on their special spot and taking turns builds discipline. Engaging in group activities, sharing and cooperating helps them understand how to interact with children their own age. Overall, the communication experience helps strengthen their social abilities.

  • Physical Benefit: Dancing uses every part of the body. The exercise aspect is probably the most obvious reason to sign your child up for dance. In class, they will gain body awareness and balance, flexibility and strength, and really have the opportunity to explore all the different ways we can move.

  • Intellectual Development: In addition to physical elements, dance does wonders for children intellectually! Using their imagination in class ignites creativity, encourages problem solving and sharpens gross motor skills. It has been proven that children involved in dance perform better academically because of these factors.

  • Confidence Builder: Performing something that you have practiced and in return receiving praise, really makes anyone feel good! Enrolling your child in yearly dance lessons encourages work ethic and really sets an end goal and something for them to look forward to. They will feel accomplished and their confidence as a dancer and a person will grow!

These are just a few of the many reasons why dance classes are essential for your child! Not only will it help prepare them for a future in dance, but it will also teach them life long lessons that are applicable in all parts of life.

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