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Benefits of Recital Costumes

One of the most special moments for a child during the dance season is when they try on their costume for the first time. After a little anticipation and patience waiting for the orders to come in, they FALL IN LOVE. It makes them feel like a princess, a prince or a super cool hip hop dancer! This unique outfit is all their own, they get to keep it and it simply puts a smile on their face!

It really is more than just an outfit. It’s a memory, a gift and a priceless piece of happiness that you and your child will remember forever! Here are a few reasons why dance costumes should be valued and how they will benefit your child.

1) Each class gets their own unique costume. It makes the students feel like a team and work together as one!

2) TDA’s costume fee includes measuring, alterations, tights, headpieces, props and accessories. One fee covers it all and you have nothing to worry about! It couldn’t be easier.

3) Your child feels and looks beautiful in their costume. When they put it on, they feel confident and never want to take it off! Lasting memories are made through pictures and at the performance.

4) You can re-use the costume for Halloween or community shows/events. After the recital, you get to keep the costume and can do anything you want with it! It makes for even more fun.

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