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Don't Cry, Dry Your Eyes! Tips For Dealing With First Day Tears

Dance classes are FUN and full of energy! Give your child time to adjust to the exciting environment. We kindly ask that you don't force them into the classroom. Let them take a moment to regroup and then try again. If they don't participate in the first couple of classes, thats ok. We suggest practicing consistent routines and creating a quick goodbye ritual to help ease your dancer into class.

3 Common Reasons Children Cry

1. New Environment: Dance lessons expose children to a new environment with exciting stimuli including sights, sounds, textures and friends.

2. Age: Children develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills at their own pace. It's okay to give your child time to adjust to new situations.

3. Separation Anxiety: Your child may cry as they explore separation from you for the first time. This is normal and expected. We promise it gets better!

Sometimes parents need time to adjust too. Try watching your dancer on the closed circuit TV rather than the windows. Seeing you in the window can be distracting and lengthen everyone's adjustment period. We encourage you to take this class time to relax and rejuvenate while our staff helps your dancer navigate this FUN new experience.

Together with time and patience, everyone will enjoy the magic of dance!

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