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January 2020 | Newsletter

"Let Your Hopes Shape Your Future"


Miss Mel's Message:

Happy New Year 🥂 Let 2020 be a year of new beginnings, continued traditions, dreams that scare you, family and friends you love, and lots of DANCE! We're ready for all the fun that the second half of the dance season brings, so get ready!

Before the holiday season, the TDA staff completed their YPAD Certifications! We are now...

☑️ YPAD Certified

☑️ First-Aid Trained

☑️ CPR Trained

☑️ AED Trained

We are here to help your children grow, be inspired, cultivate creativity, and keep them SAFE. We are so excited to be a part of this distinguished program and utilize the wonderful tools and knowledge they have to offer!

The wintery weather is among us! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up for text messaging (Text @tdaf to 716 – 989 – 4894). Stay updated on potential closings and announcements.

Mark your calendars! Recital is May 30th + 31st! High Hopes is going to be the best show yet!

-Miss Melanie


Upcoming Dates

  • January 13 - 18th – Chance To Dance Scholarship Bake Sale

  • January 25th 3:15 - 4:00PM – Open Tumble

  • February 1st - Performance Fee Due

  • February 15 - 21st - Winter Break


Recital 2020: High Hopes

We have exciting news to announce... we will be having 5 SHOWS this year! Healthy things grow and we couldn't be happier to give you and your family more opportunities to see the amazing show! Times will be announced soon, stay tuned!


Performance Fees are due February 1st! (Performance Fees are broken up into 2 installments. The second installment is due April 1.)⁠ The investment in your child's performance is one that will light up their smile, bring them so much happiness, and boost their confidence in themselves. The lessons learned in dance class and the growth throughout the year all lead up to this big day! Our dancers are always so proud to show off what they've learned!⁠ The investment is determined by the number of children enrolled in dance...⁠ ☑️ Families with 1 child: $80 (includes 1 recital t-shirt)⁠ ☑️ Families with 2 children: $125 (includes 2 recital t-shirts)⁠ ☑️ Families with 3 or more: $160 (includes 3 recital t-shirts)


TDA In The Community

Chance To Dance Scholarship Bake Sale: January 13 - 18th


Check Out TDA’s Online Store!

Looking for the perfect gift for your TDA dancer? Look no further! Check out TDA's online store!

You can order anything from the store at any time, utilize the monthly coupons on the site, and TDA Premium Members even get a 10% rebate!


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