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April 2020 | Newsletter

"Let Your Hopes Shape Your Future"


Miss Mel's Message:

This is an unprecedented that has tested the way Tonawanda Dance Arts supports the community.

At our core, TDA is about community. And for over 20 years, we have brought people together and built connections among those that we serve.

But we’re also agile...and at TDA, we have continued to find ways to help the people we serve during times of need.

Right now, TDA is providing online dance education to give our students a sense of connection and community. We are committed to keeping students physically, mentally and emotionally healthy...and to help them develop into thoughtful and critical thinkers.

Our community might look a little different right now, but dance teaches life lessons and just because we can't see our students in person doesn't mean that has to stop. Together, we are united and stronger than ever.

At TDA, you come for class, but stay for community...which is at the heart of our mission. And when this crisis is over, TDA will help the community rebuild. But we can’t do it no matter how you are connected with us, you’re part of our community...and we need you to stick with us.

Help us come together, stay united and rebuild. Stick with us...and we'll be here for you!

-Miss Melanie



Rollover Membership + Rollover Rally

We realize how busy you are, especially now, as you have transitioned into so many different roles... including a homeschooling parent! It’s for this reason that we are excited that we can help to give you one less thing to worry about in an effort to shorten your to-do list and help you prepare for next season.

For your convenience, annual membership fees will be automatically renewed and applied to your account on May 1, 2020, unless a withdrawal form is completed before April 25, 2020. At this time, your membership fee will automatically be renewed at the Basic level.

But wait, that’s not all! Once your annual membership has been renewed, you will be able to select your child(ren)’s classes during the upcoming dance season starting May 4 at 10am. And as a gesture to our loyal clients, if you select classes during TDA's Rollover Rally between May 4-8, you will receive an automatic upgrade to Premium Membership for the 2020-2021 no extra charge! As a premium member, you will be able to take advantage of special perks, discounts and offers all season long!

Your continued support to our community and to your children’s love of dance is truly appreciated. Thank you for believing in us, we can’t wait for the bright future ahead!


Skills Charts

If you haven’t already, we invite you to take a look at your child’s chart. The TDA staff is dedicated to helping each student grow and develop, and our Skills Charts are one way we can do that.

You will find a list of skills that your child’s class type and level are working on. Remember, some skills may not have been introduced yet, and some skills may be brand new and are still working on it. That’s okay! This is just a snapshot in time... a picture of your child’s development as a dancer as of today.

We will continue to note student progress through the end of the year. Make sure to check back and follow your child’s dance journey!


Virtual Learning

Just a quick reminder to follow proper dance class etiquette during virtual dance classes! Get the most out of your classes and build upon the commitment and respect that comes with the art of dance. This not only will benefit you but your classmates and teachers too!

Secondly, make sure to check out TDA's Virtual Learning Website! Content is updated weekly! Access your child's program page and see all the resources we have to offer. You will also find class replays from previous weeks here as well!

To access:

  1. Go to

  2. Click "Virtual Learning" in the menu bar

  3. Click your child's program

  4. Enter the password (If you need help with your password, let us know. All passwords were emailed previously.)


TDA's Latest Blog Article

Just like asking your muscles to accept a new position—and pushing through the necessary discomfort—when stretching, asking your brain to adapt to new and dynamic situations can increase mental flexibility. Pushing through the discomfort of change or uncertainty can result in great reward. Read more...


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