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Dancer of the Month: November 2023

Congratulations to our students who have been working so hard both within and outside of their TDA Classroom! Each of our Dancers of the Month have been specially chosen by their teacher to be featured for displaying respect, dedication, and a love for dance.

It's time to recognize these awesome kids who we are so proud of!!

Mackenzie Cummings

Mackenzie is 7 years old and she loves the colors blue and purple and her favorite foods are pizza and ice cream! Her favorite hobbies include music, art, dance and soccer . Mackenzie enjoys reading any book and she loves watching Ninja Turtles and Puppy Pals! Her favorite class is Hip Hop where she loves seeing all of her friends! Mackenzie can be caught singing and dancing wherever she goes and aspires to be a great dancer when she grows up! Way to go, Mackenzie!

Milyah Garcia

Milyah is 3 years old and she loves going to the park and spending time with her family! Some of her favorite things include the color green and peanut butter sandwhiches! Milyah enjoys reading her Halloween book and watching Minions on TV. Her favorite dance classes are Ballet and Acro, and she especially likes tumbling! You're amazing, Milyah!

Abi Shivery

Abi is 16 years old! She enjoys dance, with her favorite class being Lyrical and favorite class activity being turns! Abi's loves french fries and the color green and when she grows up she hopes to be a Cosmetologist! Her favorite book is 'Icebreaker' and favorite movie is 'Let It Shine'.

Amelia Dubose

Amelia is 3 and she loves to gallop and do acro in her dance classes! Her favorite color is purple and favorite food is strawberries! Amelia enjoys reading 'Fancy Nancy' and watching 'Bluey' or 'Turning Red'! When she grows up she wants to be a Superhero! Wow, how cool Amelia!!

Sarah Blass

Sarah is 5 years old and she loves the color pink. Her favorite food is salad and she's a Barbie girl through and through! Sarah loves doing Heel Snap in her dance class and also loves her older brother! In her free time, she enjoys reading Peppa Pig and watching Paw Patrol. When Sarah grows up, she wants to be a doctor! You're outstanding, Sarah!!

Kylee Dodge

Kylee is 10 years old and her favorite food is salad! She loves the colors blue and purple and enjoys Cheerleading. Kylee's favorite books is 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' by Kate DiCamilloand her favorite movie is Mrs Doubtfire! She loves learning new dance moves in her Cheer Dance class! Kylee loves art and drawing, and wants to be an interior designer when she grows up! Three Cheers for Kylee!!

Madalyn Ciminelli

Madalyn is 6 years old and she really loves Dance! Dance! and Dance!, reading, playing with her friends, and skiing! Madalyn's favorite color is pink and she loves ice cream. Her favorite books are 'Neverland Girls' and all the 'Pigeon' books and some of her favorite shows include Bluey, Floor is Lava and Bake Squad. Madalyn really loves Acro, and her favorite dance activity so far has been Parent Participation week! You rock, Madalyn!

Emerly Pierce

Emerly is 6 years old and loves the color pink, watermelon and playing with her friends! Her favorite style of dance is Cheer Dance and she really enjoys one-handed cartwheels, trying her best and working hard!. Emerly loves the book 'Green Eggs and Ham' and watching the movie "Alice In Wonderland"! When she grows up, she wants to be a superhero! Way to go, Emerly!

Madison Maziarz

Madison is 7 years old and her favorite food is spaghetti! She loves to sing and play the piano! Madison really enjoys her Ballet class, especially sauté. Madison's favorite books are Elephant & Piggie books by Mo Willems, and she loves watching The Polar Express! When she grows up she wants to be a Voice Actor! You're amazing, Madison!

Raegan Brandel

Raegan is 5 years old, her favorite color is orange and she loves steak and potatoes! Some of her favorite things include dancing, playing with her sister, spending time with her family and playing outside and going to Florida. Raegan wants to work in a hospital when she grows up and she likes to watch the movie Trolls. Her favorite style of dance is Acro, and she enjoys doing the warm up the most! You're a rockstar, Raegan!

Lilliana Gadawski

Lilliana is 10 years old, and her favorite food is Strawberries! She loves the color yellow, arts and Crafts, playing with her dogs. Lilliana enjoys reading 'City Spies' and watching Dancing with the Stars. Lilliana's favorite style of dance are Jazz and Ballet, and she really enjoys stretching! When Lilliana grows up, she wants to be a dancer or a vet! Wow, super cool Lilliana!

Eden Watts

Eden is 3 years old, and she loves the colors pink and green. Some of Eden's favorite things include dancing, singing, jumping on the trampoline and pizza. Eden enjoys reading 'Amelia Bedelia' books and her favorite movie is 'The Greatest Showman'. She loves her Ballet class, especially doing somersaults. When Eden grows up she wants to be a Mommy! You are great, Eden!

Round of applause and a standing ovation for all of our Dancers of the Month! We're so proud of your achievement, and love seeing you work hard and be amazing both within and outside of TDA's doors!

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