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TDA Gives Away $2,000 in Scholarships to Families Affected by COVID-19

In an effort to better serve families during these unprecedented times, Tonawanda Dance Arts gave away $2,000 in dance scholarships to families who have been financially impacted by COVID-19. By doing so, they have given children in the community the opportunity to stay active, stay social, and provide a sense of normalcy in their lives.

Tonawanda Dance Arts’ Chance to Dance Scholarship was founded in 2018 with the hope of raising funds to provide children with the means to dance. “Giving back to the community is something very important to me,” says owner Melanie Boniszewski. “The community children are building and the connections they are making through dance are fulfilling important needs.” 

Today's learning environments are more important than ever before, and dance is no exception. Every child wants to feel like they belong and that they can accomplish great things. Dance creates leaders, builds confidence, and gives children the socialization they need during an unpredictable time.

To apply, applicants had to fill out a form answering questions regarding how COVID-19 has affected their family and how dance has positively impacted their child. Tonawanda Dance Arts is committed to doing as much as they can for as many as they can.

Tonawanda Dance Arts is an affiliated member of More Than Just Great Dancing, an organization that holds its members to a higher standard of dance education including quality curriculum, teacher training, management practices, and community involvement. More than 300 of MTJGD studios across the world have now transitioned to online learning. 


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